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Wine Appreciation...

It's a journey, not a destination!

Stuck indoors on those cold winter nights?

Why not get out and refine your social skills by learning about 'all things wine related' AuFait with Wine run a 2 hour wine appreciation session each Tuesday evening 6.30pm to 8.30pm onsite in our training room in Winsford Cheshire

(From September & February.)

Limited to 8 wine lovers per programme, the programme consists of 10 sessions total cost of £150.00.

Which includes wine samples for each session.

During each session 3 wines will be tasted and evaluated and tasting notes will be developed using the Wines & Spirits Education Trust systematic approach to wine tasting.

Places are still available for our next programme - see our calendar for details

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Topics for our 2021-22 programme include:

  • Using the systematic approach to wine tasting

  • Producing tasting notes

  • Grape varieties & their characteristics

  • Food & wine matching

  • Blind wine tasting quiz night

  • Understanding the Bordeaux blend

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Wines and Spirits Education Trust

- Approved Programme        Provider

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