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Wines & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Courses

National and international qualifications developed by the Wines & Spirits Education Trust. These short courses are ideal for those working in the hospitality industry as well as those who would like a more formal recognition of their knowledge and application in the unique social skill surrounding wine appreciation.
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Level 1 Award in Wines

An introductory workshop which provides the basics surrounding the fundamentals of wine. The aim of the course is to give a basic introduction to wine followed by some food & wine pairing.


  • The main styles of wine

  • The factors affecting wine

  • Grape characteristics

  • Grape variety practical

  • Systematic Approach to Tasting

  • Storing & Service of wine

  • Social & legal responsibilities

  • Food & wine matching

  • Wine tasting practical

Delivered over 1 day (6 hours)

Group Session of 4 people                 - £150.00 Per Person 

1 to 1 Coaching - £185.00

Level 2 Award

in Wines 

Building on the information in the level 1 course these workshops take the next step in demystifying the world of wine. Suitable for those working in the industry and the interested consumer.


  • How wine is made and other factors influencing the style of wine

  • Key white & black grape varieties

  • Wine-producing regions

  • Sparkling wines

  • Sweet wines and fortified wines

  • Spirits and liqueurs

  • Label terminology

  • Food and wine pairing

Delivered over 4 days

(approx 20 hours)

Group Session of 4 people                    - £360 Per Person 

1 to 1 Coaching - £500

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Using an interactive approach to online learning AuFait With Wine have developed distance learning programmes that support guided discovery.

We strive to ensuring that learning is interactive and supported making our wine delivery user friendly and accessible anywhere!

Blended Accredited Learning

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